Our company mainly focuses on planning, implementing, selling and maintaining pneumatic tube systems, its components and automatic transport systems.

Our second, but not less important program deals with solar systems for heating and warm water for private and commercial use.

Have a look at the measurement and regulation section for online visualization of a residential house near Pardubice (today's energy generation in online systems), a passive house in Bratislava (today's energy generation in online systems).

In the year 2006 our company supported a project of the business school in Freistadt. The students carried out a market research and developed a selling strategy. The presentation of the project took place in February 2007.

In the teaching hospital in Kralovske Vinohrady we helped to dulcify the atmosphere of the pediatric ward for burned children. We installed a pneumatic tube train as a sponsoring present for the project Magical hospital of the association Bolíto. To see how the kids were fascinated by a purely technical unit was a lovely surprise. A similar gift was given also to the children of the pediatric ward Svetluska in Ceke Budejovice.

Our aim is to ensure that our customers gladly return to us. To achieve this we provide quality products and fast services. Only a customer that comes back to us is a really satisfied customer.